Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What Happens at Retreats?

I don't know what the other guys do at their retreats, but I can tell you for sure that...

Trust me.  I've been asked.  What do a bunch of women DO at a retreat?  What is a Reclaim Retreat?  Well here are a few Will Do and Will Not Do's that will explain what happens at MY retreats.

There will be NO singing of Kumbaya...ever.

There will be lots of laughing.  Maybe some peeing of the pants.  Definitely some snorts.

There will NOT be much sleep.  
If you need lots of sleep, this may not be the retreat for you.

There WILL be lots of crafting...I mean lots! The best part?  I provide all the craft supplies!  There is a craft store within driving distance in case you want MORE crafts.

There will NOT be singing of the Christmas carols.  
Unless you want to.

There WILL be shopping.

There is no weirdness.  No hanky panky.  Just women.  Women who need a time out and a break from the mundane.  A chance to get ahead on the Christmas game and get some projects done, start that Christmas list and not feel insane at a time of the year when we need peace the most.

The women you meet WILL be amazing.  They always are.  I don't know how and I don't know why but we ALL leave feeling connected and our cups are filled and we can go back to our routines with a smile and a pep in our steps.  We can give more and keep going some more.

So why wouldn't you give this a try?  Why wouldn't anyone?  I don't know.  Maybe your worried about the unknown?  Maybe putting yourself out there isn't your favorite thing to do?  Making new friends has never been easy?  Being brave is hard?  It's true.  It's hard for everyone but it only takes one try and I promise your life will be changed for good.

Join me in November.
November 3 - 6, 2016
Heber, Utah
Meals, bed & supplies all included

Click here and scroll down to find out all the info about November's retreat.


  1. I would love to come to this..but I don't drive...would need a ride up there from N Orem..and a way to get around once I am there...( about town) Is that possible?

  2. There are other ladies that may be going up that way and you can always catch a ride around the area with the others...email me at reclaimyourselfretreat@gmail.com if you need more info...thanks!