Sunday, January 31, 2016

Organization - A Constant Battle

I dream about one day having an organized home.  I want the dream to become reality so bad but I need to begin.  I've started with planning, de-cluttering, donating and throwing away.  In the end, I will have a home that is fun, organized and comfortable to be in.  A home where everything has it's place and I won't spend an hour trying to find a pair of scissors.  Maybe there will be time to relax, read and plan adventures.  That is the dream.

Found some inspiration on Pinterest.   

I love vintage finds and this cubby storage unit for shoes is brilliant.  I'd use it for craft supplies or as a mail sorter in my home and hang it on a wall or on top of a table.  Love this idea!  I love that chalkboard too.  Sincerely SaraD shows you how to make your own!

These rustic storage bins would work perfect in my entryway where there is very little space to organize incoming mail, packages or as in this picture, outdoor gear. I could see this in a bathroom with rolled up towels in it too!  Remodelaholic shows you how to make these rustic storage bins.

This board and batten entryway is gonna happen.  I love the look of the white walls and the industrial hooks.  Would I allow the kids to hang anything on them?  I'm still thinking about that.  Maybe a few things.  It's pretty, isn't it?  Find out how this was done at the The Natos.

The Natos also did a kitchen remodel and these cabinet dividers are a must get item on my list.

Look at this adorable light fixture using an old whisk.  What does this have to do with organization?  Nothing, but I sure would love this in my kitchen!  More tips and tricks from the Natos here.

Love these Lack Wall Shelf Units from Ikea.  These would be great in my sitting room which is soon becoming an office.

I love, love, love this book shelf storage unit and I have the perfect spot for something like this.  You can make this yourself and Jen from I Heart Organizing shows you how. 

These mini Bekvam Spice racks from Ikea are not only multi-purpose but they are only $3.99!  

Oh I'm definitely doing this.  I suffer from jewelry clutter.  Can't stand it but yet I love having different necklaces and earrings to wear.  This way it's all hidden behind the Stave Mirror from Ikea. 

I love this open shelving unit Ikea offers as well and I love the space it leaves at the top for displaying fun collections like these globes.

The look and functionality of peg board is another favorite.  I love the clean look and the ability to get things off of a desk top and onto the walls.  Very cute idea here by Bright Bold Beautiful.

So I guess I'd better get to work.  In between this post and my other responsibilities of the day I got the basement stairs vacuumed and the junk at the bottom of the stairs picked up.  It feels good.  
Baby steps.  Organization is a constant battle, but a battle I'm gonna win.

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