Monday, December 7, 2015

November Christmas Retreat 2015

Oh what fun we had!  Reclaim Yourself Retreat, November, 2015 was a huge hit!
 I love getting everything ready for my new friends to arrive!
 It was a chilly day and snow flurries were just beginning.  Perfect weekend to hunker down, snuggle in your jammies and craft the weekend away.
 Tree is up!
Ornament selfie times three.
 Frosty made his return and was ready to greet the guests.

The map room.
 Little touches of holiday decor throughout the Heber House.

 No stockings.  Just LARGE bags of swag!

 Traditional Christmas dinner served after the guests arrived.  
Mary's Potatoes
Orange Rolls

 So happy to hang out with returning guests Cheryl and Dawn.
 Projects begin.  The women have 3 days to complete their fun projects.  This year we did the paper mache houses.  If you were a returning guest and had already made a set of Christmas houses, you had the option to do fall or Halloween houses.  The results were amazing.

 Sometimes you build a wall....of presents.
 Merry Banners

Button Christmas Trees

 Thanksgiving Houses

Mickey's Village

After a full day of crafting it was time to get outside.  Beautiful weather arrived the next day and Heber, Utah was amazing.

 Saturday's Shopping Spree starts out with a stop at The Ramblin Rose on Main Street in Heber.  We were greeted by Rose and Stacie who made our day better by serving up Dottie's Kolaches cinnamon rolls.  So freakin good.  Vintage shopping and a cinnamon roll.  It's the best!

Dottie's Kolaches is so good!

 Stacie, Rose and I.  Can't thank these ladies enough for all they do to spoil us!
 Midway, Utah
 Beautiful day to hit up the local yard sales!
 Stopped for pictures of old barns.  Basked in the sun while my yard sale partner in crime wheeled and dealed.
 Stopped for protein balls and hot chocolate at Filler UP, the local coffee shop in Midway, UT.

Surrounded by beauty wherever we went.  Yes, those are baby Llamas.
 Lunch with friends is the best.  The Junction has the BEST burgers in town.  
I had the SBD.  (Silent but deadly)
Lots of purchases are made.  Our retreat supports the local economy.  We seriously buy that much.
 Making some drinks back at the house. 
 Paula treated us to all kinds of deliciousness for our Mocktail party.  I crave for these nightly. 
So amazingly delicious. 

 Love these women.
Love these women too.
 So excited to have new friends all the way from Florida.
 One of these women is all the way from Texas.  
 Last day goodbyes.
 Group selfie.

.The weekend is a short one.  Only Thursday to Sunday.  The friendships we come away with are lifelong.  I consider these women my friends.  I love learning about them and discovering who they are.  I believe we leave these retreats as better people.  More connected and reclaimed.  I'm so grateful to those who come and make these weekends simply amazing.  Love to you all!

I look forward to the next retreat.  Information coming soon!

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  1. I had the best time! Loved the ladies that were there, loved the cute crafts and loved the delicious food! That was my 4th retreat. What a lucky girl! Thanks Christine!