Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pioneer Party Celebrations!

I've been getting ready for our 5th annual Pioneer Day Party celebration!
  Every year on the 24th we celebrate our Pioneer heritage with a neighborhood block party.

I made my own invite on Canva.  You should try it!  Super easy!

My friends and I have put on this event in our local neighborhood park.  We have music performed by local talent (the neighborhood local band) or a DJ,  (my friend's son), we keep the grills going all night and everyone brings a side dish to share.  We get a chance to relax and get to know our neighbors better.  The night ends with some fireworks and we bring out the desserts!  Want a good deal on fireworks?  You need to check out Provo Fireworks!  We do a big fireworks show and this year I'm bringing the bang with some amazing aerials!  I received two huge boxes of fireworks at very affordable prices! 

No duds in the bunch and we were all very impressed with the results...so impressed we can't wait for our Pioneer Day fireworks show!  
Want to make your son-in-law happy?  Give him fireworks.
Look at these adorable t-shirts my cousin made with some fabric scraps!
We made colorful red, white and blue sparklers using ribbon, a wooden craft stick and a push pin!

Flashback to last year's party!  I found this on my phone and snorted out loud!

I found some fun recipes that I want to bring to the party.  
Look at this fun way to make some delicious S'mores Pie Pops!  Recipe can be found here.

Throwing together a party is easy.  Grab some friends and make it an event to remember!

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