Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm celebrating big because the Vintage Yard Sale USA website is almost finished!
This has been a work in progress and I appreciate my designer Go Coconuts Designs for her patience with me through all of the changes.  I want this to be perfect!   I'm ready to light this vintage world up!  In honor of the website completion I'll be shooting off some fireworks!  Check out the new website I found where you can purchase your fireworks on-line and pick up in Utah County.  I wrote a post about it here.
One of my favorite things about summer is the holidays…in Utah we are lucky and get to celebrate twice: Independence Day and Pioneer Day!
We do an annual celebration in our neighborhood with BBQs, music and of course, FIREWORKS!  I'm always looking for a super deal on fireworks because the bigger the display, the better the party, right?  There is nothing better than kicking back in a comfy chair, a cool drink in hand and watching an amazing light show.  My kids are older now so I put them in charge of the fireworks.  I'm happy as long as I can get my own box of sparklers and snakes.
I’m trying a new way of buying fireworks this year.  I heard about this guy who sells fireworks on-line.  He lives right here in Utah County and he’ll even deliver for just $5 bucks.   You can also order on-line and pick up your fireworks directly from him.  He's got a good thing going.  He can offer lower prices by cutting out the middle man, aka, the fireworks stands.  By not selling through a stand, he avoids paying rent, hiring someone to run the booth, and gives the savings directly back to me, the consumer.   He’s got a cool little video that explains his business…I think it’s brilliant.  No more lines in the hot sun.  No more children begging me for more and more fireworks, drooling on the bright colored packages while I watch my bill go higher and higher.  By ordering on-line I'll save money, and with my savings be able to splurge and get some extras.
Watch his video here:
This guy guarantees everything. He takes pride in his product.  He wants you to have a great experience using his fireworks and will replace anything that doesn’t go off as it should.  He also wants you to come back, to be a regular customer and to build his reputation as "the guy" to get your fireworks from.  Note:  Something I found out to be very useful:  if you order in May for your annual parties, you can get his wholesale price!  I'm gonna plan ahead and do that for next year's party!
I can’t wait to give this a try and I’ll be sure and post photos of our big neighborhood party.  I have great ideas for hosting a vintage Red, White and Blue spectacular, what to feed the crowds and how to decorate.  I can’t wait for the fireworks show this year!  It's gonna be the best one ever!
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and Pioneer Day!  I'll keep you posted here on when the site is up and running!

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