Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Adorn It Wood Cutouts

I love Adornit's cute wood cutouts!  
I picked up a few and had some time to craft this week!  
I'm a washi tape freak and I collect any fun colors and prints I can find...it was fun getting out my collection and going to town.  

First, I painted the deer with "Jadeite" Spray Lacquer from Vintage Bee Paint
You don't have to spray the wood first, but I wanted that color to peek through.  
Next I simply laid the washi tape across in strips and around the edges with some little scisscors that can get into the tight corners.  So easy and look what I hung it on?  The frame we made at my Power Tools Retreat!  This project is a quick and fun one!  
I love how fun it turned out!


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