Monday, April 6, 2015


We needed a getaway.  A retreat.  Some time to reclaim our brains from a never ending schedule of work, homework, meetings, school activities, housekeeping, driving kids around and endless errands.  We didn't have tons of money to spend so we opted for a "staycation" getting out of our little area to a local hotel where we could just relax, play and unwind. 

 We found such a spot at the Sandy Hyatt House, an affordable alternative to heading out of town.  We like the Hyatt House because we can get two attached King suites with a family room and a full kitchen in between the two bedrooms.  Tons of space and it's affordable.   Each room has it's own large screen TV which is exciting for us since we decided to do away with cable a few years ago.  Best decision ever because nothing gets done when a TV is on.  We put our TVs to good use and watched General Conference which is held twice a year and put on by our Church leaders.  The talks were inspiring and brought a good spirit to our little retreat.   On Saturday the kids swam and swam in the outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi, worked out at the weight room and we even cooked Easter dinner in the fully stocked kitchen.  A delicious breakfast is included in the price.  Not your standard continental breakfast but many options and omelettes made by the in-house chef.  Sausage, french toast and pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh juices, hot chocolate or cereal.  So many choices.

Before our 3 pm check in at the hotel on Saturday we stopped by Thanksgiving Point for lunch, explored a bit and took in the beautiful Easter decorations, cute shops and beautiful flowers & blossoming trees.  My older daughter and her husband  joined us and brought my sweet Gracie.  It's so much fun to hang out with this baby! 

Waiting in line at Thanksgiving Point's Deli
 I am never disappointed by the seasonal decor at Thanksgiving Point.  Look how adorable these cute "art" garlands they displayed in the Ice Cream shop.  

 This girl started walking and wants to go everywhere!
Beautiful Easter wreaths hung all around. 
 Thanksgiving Point's signature tower.

 Thanksgiving Point does an amazing Easter brunch.  It's decorated so pretty and the food looked delicious!  I snuch a few shots through the trees!
Fresh flowers, prime rib, ham and delicious desserts.
The Harvest Restaurant

 Pretty Easter decorations were everywhere.  I love the details!
 Time for dessert
 Zoe loved the ice cream and sported her bunny ears.  
Off to the pool which hello, was HEATED, and OUTSIDE.  I can't take the steam bath swimming pools that most hotels have.  Swimming inside a hot enclosed room makes me feel like I'm suffocating.  These kids swam for hours and hours.  The weather was perfect.
 My beautiful daughter, my cute Grandbaby and my Son-in-Law got their own room so we got to hang out with them while we were much fun!
 Kayla & Mackenzie
 My son and that hair.  I have to remind myself all the time to not say anything negative to Zack about that hair.  I'm sorry, it drives me nuts but he thinks it's cool.  You have to choose your battles, right?
 This baby loved the water and loves her Aunt Mack
 OK, baby necks are just scrumptious. Had to get a shot of her little neck and those curls!

These purple blossoms are just beautiful.  I love that Spring is here!

So grateful for the opportunity to get away even if it was just for a few days.  So grateful for a latter day Prophet who recharges my spiritual batteries and helps me focus on what is important.  We saved money, spent quality time together and rested.  Lots of naps!  

We are always looking for new hotels and places to visit that are not too far away and that won't kill the budget.  If you know of any that your family has enjoyed, leave me a message!  My batteries are recharged but I know I'm gonna need another "staycation" in the near future!

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