Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

My kids had a full week off for Spring Break but we only had one day to play so we made it a good one...we tried something new, my youngest was scared to try, heck, we were all a little nervous but WE did it!  We took a lot of pictures of  WATER for a film competition my son is entering and we explored the local thrift shops, something my kids actually like to do.  I love bringing my daughter because she has a killer eye for treasure!

Just for an FYI, tons of places in Heber, Midway and Park City either close during Spring Break or close early, so call ahead to make sure you'll be able to hit certain destinations.  For example, Bridal Veil Falls, Sundance and lots of shops were closed during Spring Break.
So what does a family do when their plans are not going as planned?  They trespass!  Well, kind of.  We still walked around some areas, we needed pictures of water, remember?  

 Recent snow was still on the ground in the canyon.  Don't you love how Spring finds a way?  Loved these daffodils surrounded in snow.

 Sundance.  Such a beautiful place.  Met Robert Redford here when I was a kid.

 Tulips coming up right through the snow!
Water dripping everywhere as the day warmed up. 

Next we headed up to the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah to try out the Mineral Pool
The pool is 67 feet deep and naturally heated and you can't see the bottom.  That's the scary part for me, I like to see what's approaching me when I'm in the water before it gets me.  Lots of European people were there speaking different languages and the guy who was running the place mentioned that people from other countries wonder why we don't have huge lines heading out of the place because mineral baths are apparently huge in other countries.  As it was, you need to make a reservation to go in and we were told they were full.  We still wanted to check the place out so we went in and took some pictures.  In talking to the worker guy, he told us he'd call down and get us in!   Info on the mineral pool can be found here.

 This is the little cave tunnel you head down to get to the mineral pool.  I didn't get tons of pictures because it's so warm and humid that I didn't want my camera to get ruined.  Some people swam in the pool holding their phones taking pics...I wasn't that crazy.  Everyone has to wear a life jacket which was comforting to me.  My worst fear is one of my kids going underwater and I can't see them to save them.
There are dressing rooms and lockers inside where you can change.  Then you take a walk on a shaky dock and take the plunge.  I was grateful for the opening at the top because it brought in fresh air.  All kinds of couples go in there and make-out so keep your kids distracted while you swim.  You have to sign a huge waiver too before going in mostly because scuba divers go in to test and they go to the bottom.  

Going in the mineral pools made us super thirsty so make sure you have lots of water for when you come out!

 Heber Valley Artisan Cheese was next.  I love this place!
 These eggs were just beautiful
Everyone always gets ice cream.  There's always one kid who wants a donut.  I totally understand this being a Dunford donut.
 Hit up a few thrift stores next.  Found some good stuff!  My kids have become natural hunters and everyone walked away with a new find.  The best purchase of the day.  My 9 year old's Brazillian "Carnaval" Barbie, brand new, in the box, in the skimpiest getup around for only $4.  We spent the rest of the day laughing about what Dad's response would be to this Barbie.  He spent many years in Trinidad where Carnival is a crazy time.  He said the Barbie was overdressed compared to what they wear in Brazil during Carnival.  Ha ha!  Love my husband!
 Zack found a cool lens for his camera

 These pics were from Center Stage Thrift Store in Heber

My most favorite find.  Sums up my retreats.  Can't wait to hang this on the porch at the Heber House for my next retreat just around the corner on April 16 - 19th!

Of course we stopped here!  Dottie's Kolaches has amazing drinks & food!

The Ramblin Rose is right next store and a great vintage shop but it was closed for Spring Break.  My Power Tools retreat ladies get to do some early bird shopping next week!

 We always stop at World Market - I love this store and their colorful  displays get me every time.  I had to crack up and almost bought the Queen for my British hubby.  She is solar powered and her little hand waves back and forth.  She also came in different dresses.  The Pope made me chuckle as well.
 Color explosion

 My favorite outdoor pillows
I want one of everything.  This store can be a dangerous place for your wallet.

 I love all the new stuff but always go back to my love of vintage.  This cute box will hold all the treats at my retreats!  Wait til you see the treats I picked up!  So cute!

Oh man.  Nutella and kitchenware in one spot.  Love.

We packed a lot of stuff into this one day.  My kids were tired, I was tired but what we took away with us is priceless.  There's never enough time to play, is there?   

Heber will always be my favorite getaway.  I love that it's so close to Utah County and a beautiful drive up the canyon.  There is so much beauty in this State.  We hope to explore it all!  

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