Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Planting Succulents in a Tool Box

Remember those cool metal tool boxes we each got at the Power Tools Retreat??  
Planting succulents into your tool box is easy and the results are so beautiful.

 Get your tool box, or any metal box,bucket or container you'd like to use.  The possibilities are endless!
 Grab some potting soil  Picked this 1 cubic foot up at Walmart for just around $5.00
 Grabbed a bag of Pea Pebbles for around $3.50 at Walmart.  These are great for all pots that don't have a lot of drainage.

 Pick up a variety of succulents and garden plants.  I found all of these at Walmart.  No rules to picking plants, just be aware that succulents will take less water then the garden plants so some areas will need to be watered more than others.
Garden plants need watering every other day depending on the weather, more when it's really hot and outside, less if this will be an indoor plant.
Succulents need to be watered, then completely dried out before watering can happen again.

Love this variety of color and shapes of the succulents
 Put a layer of Pea Pebbles into the bottom of your container
 Now layer your Potting Soil
 Start placing your plants with the talls in the middle and the smallers as fillers around the edges

I love when the plants trail over the edge of my pots so I added the ivy on each side and they will grow longer.  I also added the pansies for the pop of color.  Just keep filling in the plants til they look cohesive.  Remember - they'll be growing bigger and those empty spots will fill in.

 They love the sun.  After I plant I usually give an even watering and then set the container out in the sun.

This beauty was set out on the coffee table at my last retreat.

I then gave it to our cute Power Tools host as a gift for teaching us so much!  This thing weighs a ton and he just lifted it up as if it was nothing!
These are some other containers I'm planting in...anything goes!  Happy Planting!

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