Monday, April 20, 2015

Before You Arrive

The Power Tools Retreat was amazing!
Instant connections were made.  
Forever friendships forged.
Projects completed!

Before you arrive, lots happens at the Heber House.

I love getting to the house early to get things ready. There are so many details I attend to before you arrive.  I took a minute and grabbed some pictures before everyone got there!  The Heber House is a special place.
When the women arrive, they may not even know each other but by the time we leave, we feel like family.
My favorite part...setting out the goodies and anticipating their surprise!!!
It's always the BEST when you get a little swag!
Fresh, clean sheets and towels on all the beds!
Getting the craft room supplies ready
Filled this little tool box full of succulents and flowers for the teacher.  

Supplies all ready for the Power Tools class
Getting the sign out on the porch!  

Drink bar stocked 
Must.  Have.  Candy.
Inspiration everywhere 
Guests will be arriving any minute!

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