Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eggs and Easter

Happy Spring!
So grateful for the warmer weather and the sweet signs of spring!

April 5th is Easter!

I love getting inspired by all the Easter ideas on Pinterest and wanted to share a few with you!
McCormick has one of the best sites for recipes and Easter ideas.
My kids are older now and they can get their own candy!  Look at these cute ideas for making Easter baskets fun and useful!
Now that my kid has a kid, what a great way to stock them up on Easter Egg supplies!
I love all the new colors out in food dyes!  Neon!  Love!
Here's a chart for how to make these fabulous egg colors!
The struggle of my life.  Hard boiled eggs. Want to know how to make the perfect hard boiled egg?
Click here
 Who even thinks of these things?  Peeps are a staple at our house.  My husband is addicted to them.
Did you know you can melt them down and add them to make amazing Rice Krispie Treats?
Recipe here
I love this mason jar Easter chick!  Click here and make your own!
I saw this on Pinterest.  Here's a suggestion.  Don't do Easter baskets.  Do a mason jar.  The bunny looks a bit trapped but then your kids will just let him out and eat him.
I think these are so lovely.  
LRF, La Recita de la Felicidad = The Recipe of Happiness shows us step-by-step how to make these beautiful eggs using paper napkins.
I'm so gonna do this.  
Dear Lillie blog does beautiful chalkboards reminding us what Easter is about.

Happy Easter!

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