Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Day to Reclaim!

So I got a chance to head out on a little adventure this weekend.  I didn't have to go far but was so grateful for a chance to reclaim my brain, hang out with some very cool women and hit some of my favorite places!  This was a much needed day out and I'm grateful for the opportunity to play!

 I love this vintage scale the shop's been turned pink in places by a certain plant food.
 I met this lovely lady at one of my retreats.  She is beautiful inside and out.
 We had a great time shopping at J & J Nursery
 Tons of fairy garden supplies!
 Cute Easter décor!

 I love their home decor

 Coca Cola crates!
 The plant selection at J & J is phenomenal.  New plants were being delivered.  I've found some of the best and most affordable succulents around.

 Next stop.  Deseret Industries!
 Sweet surprises for my retreat ladies!
Cutlers cookies was our last stop.  I have driven by this place so many times but had never stopped.  I'm so glad I did.  These were some of the best cookies I've ever had!
 My favorite were the peanut butter & chocolate!  Yum!
What does a good day for you consist of?  Where are you favorite places to go?
Those who will be attending the "Real Women Use Power Tools" Retreat will be so excited to see what I picked up for them!

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