Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Valentine Party!

My friend Jen Reed of 3 Dotters Vintage Market annually hosts one of the most amazing Valentine Cookie Parties ever!  
Her love of vintage combined with her beautiful home makes this little gathering so special!  

Jen's beautiful living room decorated in vintage mirrors, globes, and a dreamy vintage couch!  Look at those colors!  
Just look at that buffet!  Don't worry, she has another one in the dining room!
Love that vintage couch! 
 Have you ever seen a pink globe?  Me either until I visited Jen's place.  She picked that beauty up from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California!  It even lights up!  Her addition of  "Queenly" mirrors, vintage books, suitcases and other sweet collectibles make for great conversation!  It's so fun hearing the stories of where she found her treasure!  
Even better is hearing how little she paid for them!
Jen puts all of her collections to good use.  They are not just there to look pretty.  

 Everywhere you turned there were treats & goodies, the sign of a great hostess!
Vintage mannequins displayed nearby seem to listen intently to the conversation.
 Use an old mailbox as table decor and load it with vintage valentines!
Everywhere you turn, vintage treasures abound.  It's the details I always say.

So let me share how this Valentine party works...invite all your friends and have them each bring 3 dozen cookies.  Each guest leaves with 3 dozen new cookies!
You can provide a craft for your guests to do or just hang out and catch up on life!

Jen takes a moment to introduce each of her guests.  She has fun reminiscing on how she met each and everyone.  The guests then share what cookie they brought and why they love it so much!  

I was very excited to see the craft!  Look at those pink love birds!  To die for!
Each guest grabs their supplies and heads on over to the craft table for some vintage creativity!
These two birds came home with me!  

 Now for the treats...hold onto your chair.

 German Chocolate Cake cookies above
Red Velvet cookies below
 Jen provides a light breakfast for her guests
 These Krispy Creme donuts in X's and O's are so cute!

 Got milk?
 Homemade popcorn!

I'm so happy to know these wonderful women and grateful to Jen for always going out of her way to make us all feel special!  I love any event that brings creative women together!

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Jen share her party ideas on Studio 5!
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  1. I love this post and all the gorgeous antique treasures<3