Monday, February 9, 2015

February's Retreat!

Home from an amazing weekend spent crafting, creating, shopping, eating and hunting for vintage favorite kind of weekend.  If that isn't good enough, I was blessed to spend it in the company of 11 good women.

Women need good women in their lives.  
Women need to reclaim and that is exactly what we did.

Thank you to Kristin, Gerri, (pronounced Jer-E), Patrice, Jayme, Maryanne, Wendy, Crystal, Lori, Candi, Jenni & Lisa for sharing your lives and creativity with everyone.  Each one of you is so special and I come away from these retreats with my cup running over.

How about you? 
Love to create?  Share?  Be uplifted?  Reclaimed?  Then join me for my next retreat in April, 2015!  Go here for more information on my next retreat!  

The guests found these little goodies on their beds when they arrived.
One of my attendees brought the cute mason jars filled with Valentine goodness for each of the guests!  Sweet, right?  Well, her name IS Candi!  

Woo Hoo!  Everyone is here!  Let the creative juices get flowing! 
Cute Jayme brought lip gloss on a stick for each guest!
"I'm a sucker" for a retreat! 
 Candy is a must at any gathering where women are involved and there was plenty to go around!
Touches of Valentine decor throughout the house! 

Friday morning we headed over to "The Ramblin Rose", a vintage treasure trove located off of Main Street in Heber, UT.   
 We were treated to the best breakfast of savory kolaches and sweet cinnamon rolls from Dotties Kolaches in Heber, Utah. 
Top those breakfast goodies off with a dirty diet coke and some vintage shopping at The Ramblin Rose located right next door and this must be heaven, right?  
Rose & Stacie are the best hostesses!  Thanks so much!

So many fun treasures to hunt for!

These are the sweet rolls!  So good! 
 The savory Kolaches are a stuffed roll full of all kinds of savory goodness.  
I had the sausage, egg & cheese Kolache. 
I love the saying on this adorable child's stool! 
 We had four quilters this time around...these women have skills!
 Jayme working on her quilt and she finished it!
 Candi and I sat back to back...the girl is a crafting maniac...she knocked out so many cute projects!
 Maryanne and Jayme shared their talents with me!  Look at this beautiful quilt!  
Spring crafting was going on 
The nice thing is you come, you set your stuff up, you can make a mess, leave it and come back to it later and it's all there waiting for you! 
 We headed out early Saturday morning to the 3 Dotters Vintage Market run by Jen Reed.  
Lots of vendors, lots of treasures, tons of fun!
L-R: Candi, Christine, Lisa, Lori, Jenni, Gerri!

 Jennifer Reed of 3 Dotters Vintage and Cathie Cox from Fleattitude!
Both ladies put on amazing shows!
 Found a bunch of treasure!
 Fresh flowers purchased at the market!  Look at these beauties!
 Back to the Heber House for another crafting marathon!
 You never know who will turn up!  Rhonna Farrer stopped by and visited with the ladies!
 Stopped by the Heber Creamery and cracked up over the hot pads they had for sale...someone needs to crochet!
 We got early morning pics with these amazing women, Candi, Jayme and Patrese!
 We sparkled all weekend!  In fact, I'm still sparkling from the wonderful time I spent in the company of such amazing women!

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