Friday, February 27, 2015

Power Tools Retreat Build Up

I cannot tell you enough how talented this guy is.  
Brandon Kay of Two Pitts of a Pear is coming to town!
He'll be teaching women how to use power tools.
Then were gonna make stuff.  Cool stuff.  With our own hands.
That is freakishly empowering, is it not?

Brandon flips houses in addition to teaching women.

For more information on how YOU can sign up for this retreat.  Click on "Upcoming Retreats" in upper left of my blog. 
Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Build Your Blog Conference Wrap Up

I'm reclaiming my brain after an information packed Build Your Blog Conference.
My mind is spinning with ideas and I'm excited to say I've already put some of the things I've learned to good use!

These were the highlights that I took away.

The Opening.
First, bravo to the opening speaker for setting the tone.  I knew I was in the right place when I looked around and saw everyone touched by the beautiful words this man spoke about his son.

We are real people.  We have a place in this world.  We can make a difference.

The Classes.
Wow.  Blew my mind and cramped my hands from writing so much.  
I was searching for specific things I needed to learn at this conference.  I got what I came for.  I took a composition book home full of information.
Thanks to those who came and taught.  Your passion for what you do came through.
Amanda of I Am Baker

The Hosts.
Freakin amazing.  Down to earth real people who were not afraid to share.  Thank you for all the tips  and information about how to be better.  And thanks for the reminder to always stay true to who you are!  Sometimes that gets lost and you have to find your way back but that theme was made clear over and over.

The Guests.
I met amazing people.  People who I've followed on Instagram or through their blogs. I never witnessed or heard one unkind word.  We all supported each other.  
We all want each other to succeed.

Take selfies even if you suck.  Noone can be perfect 100% of the time.

The Sponsors.
How you sat for at least 12 hours each day pitching yourself to the 100's of bloggers without ever seeming impatient or tired is beyond me.  Thank you for your time and information that will help us be better!

Bring friends who aren't shy.

This girl is NOT shy.

Look up.  The view is amazing.

The closing.

The TRF Foundation is now on my radar.  I can't wait for March 4th!

Thanks to all involved for an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sewing Retreat!

I'm offering a second retreat in April!
The dates are April 30 - May 3

Love to sew?  
Then this is the retreat for you!

We have lots of fun projects planned!  We'll be making this adorable "Happy" banner!  This sweet bunting always hangs in Pine Needles shop and is a welcoming site to everyone!  It will be so cute in your own home!

We will be creating a fabric map of the United States!  Each state will be able to adhere to a canvas covering which you'll then frame!

We'll also be sewing a mini quilt designed by Pine Needles owner Sandy Workman!  This will be a new design and you'll be the first to see it at the retreat!

$375 includes
4 days/3 nights in Heber, Utah
April 30 - May 3rd
Location: Heber House 
All Meals Included
Project Supplies and Instruction Included
12 spots available

Last project to be announced by Pine Needles!
To sign up, send the following information to
Do you own a sewing machine?
How you'll be paying (PayPal, Credit Card, Cash?)
Payment Plan or Paying in Full?
Favorite Treat
Favorite Drink (non-alcoholic)
How'd you hear about us?

Must be 18 or older to attend

Monday, February 16, 2015

April's Power Tools Retreat!

Imagine yourself in a beautiful house, surrounded by 12 creative woman who love to learn, one darling instructor whose gonna teach you how to use a power tool, delicious food cooking in the kitchen and an opportunity to take home some amazing projects YOU MADE YOURSELF!
That's the key to April's retreat ladies!  
You get to learn mad skills that you'll be able to use FOREVER!
Brandon & Tonya of "Two Pitts of a Pear" are amazing instructors!
Join me on April 16 - 19, 2015 in beautiful Heber, Utah for a "Real Women Use Power Tools" retreat!

Here's how the weekend goes:

Thursday:  Check in at 4:00 pm
Get your room, unpack, Meet-n-Greet
Dinner Served

Project One Begins
Shanon Kendall, a designer for Cricut will teach us how to make those amazing paper flowers that we'll be putting on our wood boards.  You'll be painting and decorating them in your favorite colors.

Friday:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Served
Project Two Begins

Brandon & Tonya begin power tool instruction and we begin building a frame.  

The reason we choose a frame is  
1) it will look amazing in your home 
2) you made it yourself and you'll have bragging rights
3) once you've learn to build a frame and how to miter cut, you'll be able to do a lot more projects like beadboard, baseboards, crown molding and lots more because you learned the basics of building a frame.
You'll learn how to use a power saw, an electric sander, an electric drill and how to paint and distress wood.  When you get home you'll be able update your home with the skills you've learned AND you won't have to wait for your husband to get things done around the house!

Saturday:  We hit the town
Saturday we play.  In the surrounding Heber, Midway and Park City areas there is so much to do and see!  Shopping, hiking, crater diving, train riding, the choices are unlimited! 
Or, feel free to stay at the Heber House and just relax, catch a nap, finish that book!
Breakfast & Dinner provided
Lunch is on your own this day

Sunday:  Check out at noon
We say goodbye to our new, dear friends and head for home.  More empowered, full of learning and loaded down with amazing projects we made ourselves!

Cost:  $375 includes
4 days/3 nights, beautiful home, food provided, all project supplies and instruction
Payment Options:  PayPal or via credit card (2.9% added if paying by credit card)
Email the following information to

Retreat:  April
How you'll be paying (Paypal, credit card)
If you'll be bringing a friend
Favorite Treat & Drink
How you heard about the retreat
If you'll be bringing a friend

Must be 18 years of age or older

23 Charming Potting Shed Makeovers

Have you ever been on Hometalk? It's a very unique site where you'll find tips, ideas and resources for Home & Garden!  

Remember the Vintage Potting Shed I posted about?  
It's been featured on Hometalk!  

Take a look at the 23 charming potting shed makeovers here!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Valentine Party!

My friend Jen Reed of 3 Dotters Vintage Market annually hosts one of the most amazing Valentine Cookie Parties ever!  
Her love of vintage combined with her beautiful home makes this little gathering so special!  

Jen's beautiful living room decorated in vintage mirrors, globes, and a dreamy vintage couch!  Look at those colors!  
Just look at that buffet!  Don't worry, she has another one in the dining room!
Love that vintage couch! 
 Have you ever seen a pink globe?  Me either until I visited Jen's place.  She picked that beauty up from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California!  It even lights up!  Her addition of  "Queenly" mirrors, vintage books, suitcases and other sweet collectibles make for great conversation!  It's so fun hearing the stories of where she found her treasure!  
Even better is hearing how little she paid for them!
Jen puts all of her collections to good use.  They are not just there to look pretty.  

 Everywhere you turned there were treats & goodies, the sign of a great hostess!
Vintage mannequins displayed nearby seem to listen intently to the conversation.
 Use an old mailbox as table decor and load it with vintage valentines!
Everywhere you turn, vintage treasures abound.  It's the details I always say.

So let me share how this Valentine party works...invite all your friends and have them each bring 3 dozen cookies.  Each guest leaves with 3 dozen new cookies!
You can provide a craft for your guests to do or just hang out and catch up on life!

Jen takes a moment to introduce each of her guests.  She has fun reminiscing on how she met each and everyone.  The guests then share what cookie they brought and why they love it so much!  

I was very excited to see the craft!  Look at those pink love birds!  To die for!
Each guest grabs their supplies and heads on over to the craft table for some vintage creativity!
These two birds came home with me!  

 Now for the treats...hold onto your chair.

 German Chocolate Cake cookies above
Red Velvet cookies below
 Jen provides a light breakfast for her guests
 These Krispy Creme donuts in X's and O's are so cute!

 Got milk?
 Homemade popcorn!

I'm so happy to know these wonderful women and grateful to Jen for always going out of her way to make us all feel special!  I love any event that brings creative women together!

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Jen share her party ideas on Studio 5!
 To see more, click here