Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Potting Shed!

Wright's Shed Company, located in Kayesville, Utah 
outdid themselves!
These amazing sheds are available and can be customized to suit your needs!
I was honored to be chosen to do the Vintage Potting Shed. 
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This shed is so dreamy...can't you just see yourself getting lots of stuff done in here?

 The vintage metal bench is painted in "Patina" by the Vintage Bee Paint Company

Wright's Shed Company made a pallet floor using up a stash of pallets they've had laying around. 
It turned out amazing don't you think?

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project! 

Kate Gallagher, Jill Flockhart, Ann Hendrickson and Christine Ishmael of Vintage Yard Sale Utah combined their vintage items to deck this shed out in true vintage fashion!

A special thanks to Jill Flockhart of  "Vintagehart", for helping me haul it all, stage it all and pick it back up again!

 J & J Nursery and Garden Center in Layton, Utah provided beautiful garden decor, baskets, bird cages, pots, succulents, topiaries and that amazing red, metal lazy susan shown in the pictures.  That thing rocks! 

Additional plants provided by the West Jordan Conservation Water Garden.  

Plants, gardening supplies and the light fixtures on the shed were provided by the Sandy, Utah Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse.  

Additional thanks to Krista Dearden of for photographing the shed and it's contents!

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  1. Great job Christine! Looks so inviting and cozy.....
    You really have a "knack" for putting things together.
    Hugs, Annette