Wednesday, January 7, 2015


My focus word is 

I named my website this for a reason and as always, the new year rolls around and we begin making resolutions.  

As I began to really focus on this word "Reclaim", really became prayerful about what my focus should be this year, many thoughts came and filled my mind to the point I had to sit down and write them out.  

Webster's Definition of the word is this:


 verb \ri-ˈklām\
: to get back (something that was lost or taken away)
: to make (land) available for use by changing its condition
: to get (a usable material) from materials that have been used before

 The word can mean many things from reclaiming my home from being a disorganized mess to getting all the projects done that have been put off.  This kind of reclaiming will make my home functional, organized and beautiful.

It can mean getting my yard in shape, ready for planting fruits, vegetables and flowers which bring food to our table and beauty to our home.

It can mean reclaiming my body & mind, eating better, cooking healthier, learning what works for my body and building up my strength and endurance, both physical and mental.

It can mean reclaiming my soul from feelings of worry about life and world events, to a full understanding of God's love for me, my purpose on this earth and how to become a better person.

It can mean reclaiming relationships with friends, family members, neighbors and the people I work with into become long lasting relationships full of love, kindness and respect.

So many ways to reclaim and yet it will take baby steps.  A little at a time.  

So join me and reclaim your life.  I'll be taking it slow and steady.  
The ideas are already flowing.

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