Friday, January 30, 2015

April's Retreat!

Deep breath.  Inspiring, right?  
I just love this beautiful Wall Art piece created by Amy Chapel of Ameroonie Designs.
She recently had the opportunity to makeover her little girl's room.  When I saw this piece I had to take a deep breath because I knew we need to make one of these at April's Retreat!   

Our guest host Brandon & Tonya of Two Pitts and a Pear will be cutting these wood frames out for us.  We will then paint the wood and then cut the flowers using a Cricut.  
Think of the color combinations you could create...
Think of where you'd hang this!  I already know where mine is going...the possibilities are endless.

Come join me from April 16 - April 19, 2015 for my
Power Tools Retreat!
Learn lots of new skills that will teach you how to work on your own projects at home!

See more of Amy's room makeover and all of her other amazing projects here:
Ameroonie Designs

Follow Two Pitts of a Pear here:
Two Pitts of a Pear

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Retreat Info

I do love hosting retreats...I get really excited before one comes, like a kid on Christmas Eve. 

I love all the planning, the preparing and the process of getting the house ready.  I enjoy putting together menus, creating an agenda we may or may not follow, choosing the desserts and picking up little things here and there that I think you'll all love...

And so the excitement mounts as we get ready for February's retreat!

Here's a peek at our weekend! ***

Thursday February 5, 2015 

Check in at 4:00 p.m.

Meet, Greet & Treats!
Get settled in your room, check out the Heber House, set up your crafts!
Dinner at 7:00 
Tarahumara Restaurant in Midway - cut/paste link below to see the menu
Back to the house and get to crafting, chatting, snacking & laughing.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Breakfast at the Vintage Shop "Ramblin Rose" on 81 S Main Street, Heber
She's opening up early for us (9 am) and offering 20% off your total purchase! 
Breakfast will be provided by Dottie's Kolaches!  
The best darn breakfast buns & cinnamon rolls around! 

Back to the Heber House for...
Crafting - Creating - Knocking out lots of Projects!
(you won't believe how much you can get done without the distractions of home!)

Lunch - (by assignment)

Napping - Reading - Chatting - Laughing - Creating continues 
(Insert Diet Coke Runs & Craft Store Escapades Here)

Dinner - (by assignment)

Suggestions for Friday evening (optional)
Catch a movie in town - Ice Castles in Midway (if they haven't melted) - Midway Ice Rink - Continuous Crafting at the Heber House

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Breakfast (by assignment)

The rest of the day is yours to shop, explore, dine out, get a massage or a pedicure, take a nap, yard sale, whatever your little heart desires!

Just a heads up that 3 Dotters Vintage Market is Saturday, if you love vintage treasures then this is the place to be!

Lunch - On your own

Dinner back at the house at 7 pm 

(dinner assignment will be made)

Finish up the night by completing projects, chatting, reading, reclaiming, relaxing, sharing all those great treasures you picked up and enjoying all your new friends!

Day Four

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Breakfast (by assignment)

Packing - Clean-Up - Goodbyes - Group Pics - Email Exchange - Hugs - Back to Reality
Check Out:  Noon

*** Non-Hosted Retreats are budget friendly because we all take turns cooking (your meal assignment will be emailed to you before the retreat) and help with the clean-up of the house at the end of our stay.  All guests bring their own favorite drinks, snacks & munchies and their own craft supplies, tools and projects.  

To book a future non-hosted retreat or to attend one of my hosted retreats, contact me at or book your own getaway at

Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Potting Shed!

Wright's Shed Company, located in Kayesville, Utah 
outdid themselves!
These amazing sheds are available and can be customized to suit your needs!
I was honored to be chosen to do the Vintage Potting Shed. 
Check out other options at

This shed is so dreamy...can't you just see yourself getting lots of stuff done in here?

 The vintage metal bench is painted in "Patina" by the Vintage Bee Paint Company

Wright's Shed Company made a pallet floor using up a stash of pallets they've had laying around. 
It turned out amazing don't you think?

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project! 

Kate Gallagher, Jill Flockhart, Ann Hendrickson and Christine Ishmael of Vintage Yard Sale Utah combined their vintage items to deck this shed out in true vintage fashion!

A special thanks to Jill Flockhart of  "Vintagehart", for helping me haul it all, stage it all and pick it back up again!

 J & J Nursery and Garden Center in Layton, Utah provided beautiful garden decor, baskets, bird cages, pots, succulents, topiaries and that amazing red, metal lazy susan shown in the pictures.  That thing rocks! 

Additional plants provided by the West Jordan Conservation Water Garden.  

Plants, gardening supplies and the light fixtures on the shed were provided by the Sandy, Utah Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse.  

Additional thanks to Krista Dearden of for photographing the shed and it's contents!

For help staging your next event, contact Christine Ishmael at

Friday, January 16, 2015

April Retreat

How'd you like to spend the day becoming a REAL woman with this hunk of a man teacher??

Brandon Kay & Tonya Painter of Two Pitts of a Pear will be empowering women by teaching them how to use POWER TOOLS at my upcoming retreat on April 16 - 19th, 2015!  
This retreat will be all inclusive!  4 days/3 nights in beautiful Heber, Utah!  Enjoy a weekend of having your meals prepared for you, all supplies and instruction included plus a day out on the town shopping and thrifting or exploring the local Heber, Midway and Park City areas!  

If you've always wanted to get your hands on a skill saw, use an electric sander, learn how to cut mouldings at a 90 degree angle, build a frame, use a power sprayer, not hire someone but do your own home improvement projects, then this retreat is for YOU!   

Get hands on experience and instruction working with power tools and making your own amazing projects you get to take home with you!

Brandon Kay grew up learning how to do construction at an early age.  As he grew older and his skills refined, he partnered up with his Aunt, Tonya Painter.  With their combined love of old things they formed "Two Pitts of a Pear" and began hitting the vintage markets.  Their success has grown and the markets have NEVER been the same!  

Brandon and Tonya spend their time flipping houses, creating beautiful pieces of art using all kinds of vintage & antique treasures they've dug up.  Both are heading back for the second year at "The Farm Chicks" an amazing vintage show in Spokane, Washington where their beautiful pieces sale out!  

These two are an amazing team and patient teachers!  You WILL be inspired!  


This retreat is all inclusive!  4 days/3 nights in beautiful Heber, Utah!  Enjoy a weekend of having your meals prepared for you!  This includes all supplies with instruction included plus a day out on the town shopping, dining, thrifting and exploring the local Heber, Midway and Park City areas! 

$375 - 12 Only 7 spots available!


Payment Plans available: $50 holds your spot, $100 in February, $100 in March and final payment of $125 due by April 3, 2015 
(No refunds once fees are paid, you can however transfer your payment to a future retreat)


Please email me at to reserve your spot now!

1) In your email include which email address you'd like me to invoice you via PayPal.  
Don't have a PayPal account?  No worries.  
You can pay via credit card.  (credit card fees do apply)

2)  Let me know if you'd like to pay the whole amount or pay via payment plan as shown above.

3)  Include your contact information (name, email, phone & address) and if you have any food allergies.  What's your favorite soda?  Do you have a favorite treat?  Any information you think will help me give you the best experience for your money!

You can find more about Two Pitts of a Pear on Facebook and Instagram!


Instagram: twopittsofapear

Abide With Me

My husband and I have decided that we want to send our kids out in the morning with a spiritual thought, a scripture and a prayer.  They face so many challenges at school, witness so many things that other kids are doing and experience unkindness at a level that has become alarming both from kids and adults.

We are an LDS Family, we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  
We are not perfect, not even close.  We are trying day to day to overcome challenges, frustrations, joys and sorrows like everyone else.

We pray.  We try to be better people.  We fail, we repent and we try again.  No matter what faith or religion you believe in, just know that God is good.  He loves us and wants us to be happy.  Don't even get me started on Jesus.  What he did for us.  True love.

Do good things.  Allow things and behaviors in your home that bring peace.  Your home will become your sanctuary.  An escape from the hardships of the world and a place for you to provide a safe haven for your family.  Try getting up a little bit earlier to gather your kids around.  Tell them you love them.  Give them hugs.  They may appear to be asleep but they can hear you and whatever positive message you leave with them before they walk out that door into the world will stay with them until they return home.

We started today out with this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Only THREE Spots Left!

Craft, Create, Shop, Eat and Reclaim!  

Reclaim Yourself this February 5 - 8, 2015
Location: Heber, Utah!
Join me and 12 guests for a 4 day/3 night getaway!
Only $145
Craft, Create, Shop, Eat and Reclaim!

This is a non-hosted retreat which means you bring all those unfinished projects you have always wanted to get done!  
Bring your own supplies, set up on your own personal craft table (cup holder included!), visit with the gals while your crafting, sewing, gluing, painting, organizing, whatever it is you want to create with!
Or hey...head into town for amazing shopping in Heber, Midway and Park City!
Lots of fun shops and thrift stores all nearby!

Stop and grab a bite to eat at local restaurants and bakeries or cook something up in the Heber House kitchen!  At non-hosted retreats we all take turns cooking, assignments will be made, you grab the groceries and show off your culinary talents in our fully stocked kitchen!
Schedule an appointment for that long needed pedicure, manicure, massage or facial!  
Local spas including the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway are close by for an afternoon of pampering! 

Other adventures include a swim in a crater at the Homestead Resort, a sleigh ride through the snow (weather permitting) or skiing, snowboarding & snowmobiling!

It's your weekend...the ultimate yourself some love and join me!

To sign up, email or
contact Christine at 801-380-1360 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Making a List

A list is something I have never been good at until this past year.  
I found out that making lists works for my kind of brain.  I get overwhelmed fast when there is too much to do and I tend to shut down.  There is something really satisfying about crossing off a task, a goal, or a grocery list.  My brain is firing at 5,000 thoughts per minute and I was finding it hard to focus or even remember what the heck I needed to do each day.  

I found that leaving a notebook and a pen by my bed was helpful for those nights you wake up with all kinds of ideas or remembrances of things you've forgotten to do that day.  That's when the list becomes a sleep aid...once I write it down, it's somehow released from my brain and I'm able to go back to sleep.  Try it.  It's better than sleeping pills.

1. Write down all the things you need to do 

2. Organize them in the order of importance
3. Cross each task off as you complete it.  

Will you finish everything on your list every day?  Probably not.  Most days you will not complete your list.  That's OK, there's always tomorrow, and the next day.  Baby steps. 
Don't sweat it.  Start over tomorrow or adjust your list.

For those blessed days I don't have to run all over then my list includes the things I want to accomplish in my home, yard or neighborhood.  
This includes visits to friends, cutting my parent's hair, walking the dog, exercise, etc.  

When you do cross completed tasks off of your list, cross them off with big, fat lines using a bright pen and then feel good about all you did!  Want to try it?  Here's your chance.
I'm giving away 3 lists with a sticky note and a cool pen.  
All from Target.  I love Target.

To win, leave a comment about the first thing you'll write down on your list and include your email address...can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


My focus word is 

I named my website this for a reason and as always, the new year rolls around and we begin making resolutions.  

As I began to really focus on this word "Reclaim", really became prayerful about what my focus should be this year, many thoughts came and filled my mind to the point I had to sit down and write them out.  

Webster's Definition of the word is this:


 verb \ri-ˈklām\
: to get back (something that was lost or taken away)
: to make (land) available for use by changing its condition
: to get (a usable material) from materials that have been used before

 The word can mean many things from reclaiming my home from being a disorganized mess to getting all the projects done that have been put off.  This kind of reclaiming will make my home functional, organized and beautiful.

It can mean getting my yard in shape, ready for planting fruits, vegetables and flowers which bring food to our table and beauty to our home.

It can mean reclaiming my body & mind, eating better, cooking healthier, learning what works for my body and building up my strength and endurance, both physical and mental.

It can mean reclaiming my soul from feelings of worry about life and world events, to a full understanding of God's love for me, my purpose on this earth and how to become a better person.

It can mean reclaiming relationships with friends, family members, neighbors and the people I work with into become long lasting relationships full of love, kindness and respect.

So many ways to reclaim and yet it will take baby steps.  A little at a time.  

So join me and reclaim your life.  I'll be taking it slow and steady.  
The ideas are already flowing.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Taking names for the February Retreat!
February's Retreat is a Non-Hosted Event!
What does this mean?

Non-Hosted retreats are a great way to have a ton of fun and save on money!
We all share the cost of the house rental.
We bring our own supplies, projects, sewing machines, our favorite scissors, etc...and, we all take turns cooking!

We all leave inspired, uplifted, accomplished and happy.

Two to a room so bring your bestie, your sister, your cousin, your Mum or I'll hook you up with a brand new friend.
(it's a known fact that retreat attendees have left with brand new life-long's true)

Retreat begins Thursday, February 5th.
Check in at 4:00 pm
Ends on Sunday, February 8th.  
Check out at 12:00 pm

I do the food assignments so it's easy and cost is minimal and we all get to try a variety of delicious recipes!  These ladies can cook!

Ready to sign-up?

Cost is $145
$25 holds your spot
Final payment due by January 24, 2015

What to do?
Email Christine at
I will send you an invoice via PayPal
You pay it the invoice and an email will follow confirming can pay via credit card but an additional 2.9% will be added to your amount making it $149.20 or pay by cash or check *  
*Checks will be cashed two weeks prior to the retreat date.

Once payment is made...get excited!  You are gonna love this!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

What could be better than a New Year resolution to just be better than you were last year?  
I love it...and that's just what I'm gonna do.  Starting with this blog.  I'm having some upcycling done.  It's gonna be better and it's going to be a family family is who I am and we are gonna light this blog up!  

Can't wait!

Happy New Year!

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