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Hollywood Halloween Trivia Banner

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Come check out my Hollywood Halloween Trivia Banner!
I love Halloween!  
I love the decorations, the costumes, the spooky themes and I love the classic scary movies!

I remember babysitting as a kid when the movie "When a Stranger Calls" came out.  
Remember those chilling words?
"Jill, Jill.  We traced the call!  It's coming from inside the house!  Do you hear me?  It's coming from inside the house!  You need to get out!  Jill?"   

Scared me to death.  For years!

Because it's always a challenge to come up with unique games for your seasonal parties I thought I'd share a crafty banner/trivia game which has dual purpose.  
1) Party Decor and 2) Entertainment
With my love of the old classic movies and my desire to be just a tiny bit scared, I found some trivia questions on the web and printed pictures to go with the questions.

I've included several trivia questions below.  Print off a set of questions for your guests or search out your own based on your favorite movies.  Hand out prizes to the winners who guess the most answers right. 

Decorating a fun banner makes this game extra fun and you it can hang anywhere...your mantel, staircase or wall...

($1 bins at Target)
Old Movie Prints
(found on the internet, print off in black & white 5x7)
Crepe Paper
Embellishments by My Mind's Eye and Target 
Hazel & Ruby Tissue Paper
Google "Classic Scary Movies" for trivia questions or use the ones I provided below

Remember what movie these twins made their debut?  I printed mine in a 5x7 size and then trimmed the pictures down from there.  I did a variety of sizes to give it interest.

 Take your crepe paper and cut into half inch long can buy it already trimmed on the edges or you can cut it this way.

Glue the strips to the back of the movie cards using a glue gun

 I love the Tim Holtz glitter ribbon for trimming the inside edge

I used the Tim Holtz little black letters I found at JoAnne's
Add quotes from the movie to your embellishments

 My Mind's Eye Embellishments were used to add layers and interest

 Once the movie card is trimmed in crepe paper, turn it around and add letters, embellishment and begin layering for a spooky effect...anything works, just go for it!

I love the tissue paper by Hazel & Ruby
Cut it into strips, and add twine and ribbon and attach to your garland

Made some trim pieces to add to the banner

Use your hole punch and put a hole in each corner

 Run your twine through the back of each card and then add your tissue paper trim

 This is your chance to get creative...anything goes here!

And there you have it!  Can't you just hear his voice?  "Hello there Clarice"

Answer the trivia question and match the question to the picture.

1.      What kind of food thrown when Dr. Frank N. Furter makes an appearance in which scary musical?
o.  Sausages
1.  Eggs
3.  Toast
4.  Hot Dogs 
2.     In the movie "When a Stranger Calls" is based on which urban legend?
0.     Some one hiding in your backseat
1.      The kidney thief
2.     The babysitter and the stranger upstairs
3.      The ever ringing telephone
3.      In the movie "Carrie", how does Carrie kill her mother?
0.     Burns her
1.      Hangs her
2.     Knifes her
3.      Shoots her
4.     What horror movie featured a gourmet cannibal?
0.     Friday the 13th
1.      Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2.     Silence of the Lambs
3.      Burnt Offerings
5.      Which movie, starring Brad Pitt, featured the Seven Deadly Sins from the Bible?
0.     Fear No Evil
1.      Seven
2.     I Know What You Did Last Summer
3.      Saw
6.     Who was the first to play Frankenstein in the movies, in 1931?
0.     Boris Karloff
1.      Bela Lugosi
2.     Charles Ogle
3.      Charlie Chaplin
7.      Who was the first to play Dracula in the movies?
0.     Charlie Chaplin
1.      Boris Karloff
2.     Charles Ogle
3.      Bela Lugosi
8.     What movie is a musical spin off of the movie Frankenstein?
0.     Frankenstein's Daughter
1.      Son of Frankenstein
2.     Bride of Frankenstein
3.      Rocky Horror Picture Show
 9.     In the Movie "Christine", what kind of car was she?
0.     Ford Fairlane
1.      Dodge Dart
2.     Plymouth Fury
3.      Chevy Impala
10.   In what movie did Jack Nicholson play Jack Torrance?
0.     Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1.      Psycho
2.     Christine
3.      The Shining
11.    Who was the father of Rosemary's Baby?
0.     Santa Claus
1.      Satan
2.     Guy Rosemary's husband
3.      The mailman
12.   In "The Exorcist", what was the little girl's name?
0.     Regan
1.      Susie
2.     Sara
3.      Katherine
13.   What kind of creature was "The Thing"?
0.     Sea Monster
1.      Mummy
2.     Space Alien
3.      A man made monster
·        Answer 1:  Hot Dogs
·        Answer 2:  The Babysitter and the Stranger Upstairs
·        Answer 3:  Carrie uses her powers to knife her to death
·        Answer 4:  Silence of the Lambs
·        Answer 5:  Seven
·        Answer 6:  Boris Karloff
·        Answer 7:  Bela Lugosi
·        Answer 8:  Rocky Horror Picture Show
·        Answer 9:  Plymouth Fury
·        Answer 10:  The Shining
·        Answer 11:  Satan
·        Answer 12:  Regan
·        Answer 13:  Space Alien
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

November Retreat is Coming Soon!

The November "Get Ready for Christmas" Retreat is just around the corner!
It is already fall here in Utah!  Lot's of rain and a great excuse to stay indoors and craft!

I'm getting that giddy, rumbly roll in the pit of my stomach feeling 
that I get every year at Christmas time!  I've even got Christmas music going!  I know, I know!  But it's such an amazing time of year I just can't help myself!

I'm preparing early for the November retreat because every detail is important!
I hope you can join me for an amazing long weekend creating and gift wrapping, eating amazing foods and getting in the spirit of Christmas!

Giving to others is what the season is all about, right?

Join me from November 6, 7, 8 and 9th

When:  Check in on Thursday, November 6th at 4:00 pm
Check out Sunday, November 9th by noon

Location:  The cozy Heber House in beautiful Heber, Utah

Accommodations, all meals, all crafts, instruction, supplies & surprises!
Please feel free to bring your own projects to work on too!
You will have time away to get those Christmas projects and gifts 
done early so you can spend more time with your family focusing on the 
importance of the Christmas season!

Meet our Special Guests!

My Craft Channel's Lori Allred

Doodlebug Design's Cynthea Sandoval

Hazel & Ruby's Jayme Shepherd!!

The retreat itself would make 
best gift to someone you love!

Get signed up soon!  Space is limited!
Just email Christine at
or call direct to 801-380-1360