Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reclaimed and then some!

I feel truly blessed when I look back over the pictures of the Reclaim many amazing women and we all got to be together, uplifting one another for one long weekend of laughing, crafting, creating, eating, shopping, thrifting, sewing, designing, helping, napping and just hanging out without any interruption...awwww, total bliss.  It's hard to go home!

So first off, I have to show you the house....awww...the house!  There's something to be said about stepping into a beautifully decorated, organized home where all of your crafting supplies are set up and everything is right at your finger don't have to put anything away cause guess what?  It's your spot...noone will take it and it doesn't have to be cleared away because it's dinner time!  AND your spot includes a cup holder!  Woot!

So Rhonna set the tone when she designed this chalk board..."Create with your Heart Everyday"...and that's just what we did.... 

The Heber House includes a delicious drink cart...painted gold of course!

 Cute decor, inspiring colors add to the charm of this home

 Good reads are a must...we had down time where we just relaxed and caught up on books and magazines...

 View from upstairs looking down... 
 The food!  Oh the food was divine...well food women are happy women! 
 Thanks to Paige & Shannon for all of their help with prepping, cooking, baking, tasting...I couldn't have done it without you!
 Kolaches Bakery delivered orange rolls and savory rolls for breakfast...SO GOOD!

Brown Sugar Bacon, Asiago Cheese bread from Kneaders and a mixture of delicious cheeses from Kohler Creamery with thinly sliced green apples made THE best grilled cheese sandwiches...add a thin spread of Pineapple Habanero sauce and your in heaven...
Thank you Krista Dearden of the Budget Gourmet Mom for her delicious grass fed beef and "Nourish" demo...the meat was so good we could cut it with a fork...Krista made my food dreams come true! 

 Sippin soda for sustenance 

Creating...these women know how to think out of the box and truly create...they sewed, they designed on the Cricut Explore, they helped others design, they painted, sanded and displayed mad skills the whole retreat...

Shopping...we spent one day out hitting thrift stores, yard sales and visiting the cute stores & the Kohler Creamery in Heber, Utah...the early bird gets the worm!  First out of the house gets all the good stuff at the yard sale!  Lunch at a local restaurant then back to craft some more, eat, talk, play and laugh our behinds off...

 We laughed and laughed over these old magazines Paula picked up at a thrift store!  Oh have times changed!  Thank goodness!

  I love leaving my mess and coming back to it later
 $5 yard sale find...Paige looks gorgeous!
Terrarium Necklaces

Thanks to Paige, Shanon K, Cara, Shannon H, Kristie, Lori, Candi, Gerri, Diane, Paula, Cynthea, Alison, Gail, Krista, and Jessica for making this an amazing ReclaimYourself Retreat to remember!

Stay tuned for information on our next Reclaim Yourself Retreat!

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