Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fabric Inspiration

I've always been inspired by beautiful fabrics...I love the bright colors, patterns, the design and beauty they bring into my home...I never thought much about where or who designed them until I had the opportunity to meet several fabric designers this past weekend at one of my favorite fabric stores, Pine Needles, located in Gardner Village.  Riley Blake Fabrics lined up some wonderfully talented women who shared their fabric lines, talked about what inspires them and did make-n-takes with my little girls thus inspiring the next generation with a love of fabric and a desire to create, sew and design...

I was thrilled to meet...

Deena Rutter
Lori Whitlock
April Cobb
Carina Gardner
Emily Taylor

If you've ever dreamed of designing fabric or paper, or starting a business in the craft/sewing industry then there is a conference that teaches you how!


We are making the "happy" garland at the retreat!

Did these pictures inspire you?  
Now go out and do something creative!

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