Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heber Retreat House

So I have to tell you how Crystal and I met....I used to read her blog...she's a California girl like me, she blogged about her kids and her daily life and I really felt a connection with her...have you ever had that happen?  You feel kind of dorky for feeling a connection with someone that you've never met but it happens...so as I continued to read her blog and post comments and really connect with this person (or so I thought), she one day announced that she was moving to Utah!!  I was SO excited!  I was looking forward to meeting her and hanging out and being friends with this woman I'd never met!  Silly, right?  I messaged her and told her that I'd be happy to help her find great places to live, I could help her out with the school districts and anything she needed as far as information for her huge move to Utah...

The next day she posted that the move to Utah was an April Fool's joke...
Oh.  My.  Goodness.  
I was SO embarrassed...I hadn't even realized she'd been posting on April 1st because I was consumed with my blog stalking and so excited to finally meet this lady who for all I know was a serial killer, right?

Well that was it for me...it was a reality check that I needed to get off the internet and maybe take part in the real world with real people and I stopped reading blogs...for a very long time...

Then one weekend I went to a creative retreat and lo and behold...guess who I met?  In the flesh...it was her!  It was Crystal B!  
I was creating away with some friends and finally stopped to notice the others around me and this woman looked so familiar...so I asked her...what's your name?  Once she told me her name I knew who I was talking to and that moment of embarrassment all came flooding back!  For a second I thought about playing dumb, pretending I'd never heard of her but I just couldn't...so I told her who I was and reminded her about that April Fool's Day joke and she actually remembered and then we began to laugh and snicker and crack up about how silly all that was...and I felt less embarrassed and was grateful to meet her for reals...she's an amazing woman and I'm excited to be working with her!  She has such great talent for design and color, furniture and geneology...she's a very cool lady! 

And now you get to meet her!  She's the owner of the Heber House where I'll be holding my Reclaim Yourself Women's Craft Retreats!  The home is beautiful and Crystal will be adding her creative touch to the place and filling it with beautiful furniture and everything you need for a creative weekend away with the girls!  

I hope you can join me on Saturday, May 24th for Crystal's Open House!
The house will be ready for guests and you can get a sneak peek of what this beautiful place has to offer!
make sure to RSVP to crystalb.org

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