Friday, February 28, 2014

Vintage Meets Reclaim

So in addition to hosting/organizing the Reclaim Yourself Retreats I run a group on Facebook called the Vintage Yard Sale Utah...I started the group after taking a class from Ann.  She teaches organization classes and after her class I left with a new resolution to de-junk my life, my house, my yard, everything and live more simply...

Well that plan backfired...

My intention was to start the group to get rid of items that I had not taken good care of.  Either they were still in boxes or lying on shelves in the garage, not being loved or treasured.  Those are the items I started selling off first...and they sold and I was so happy cause I was sticking to my plan and had found a way to make the plan work plus I was making a little money too!  

Well it's a year later now.  The group has just hit over 8,900 people!  8,900 people who all love vintage and buy, sell & trade on the site.  I now have a full-time un-paid job that I LOVE! garage is packed even more than ever and my basement too but I'm working through those issues...and taking another class from Ann, who is my reminder that you can be a collector AND be organized.  

So if you are a fan of the site, or love vintage, or love to meet new people or are just curious...please join us in our one year anniversary party 

"Just Another Day in Paradise" 
April 5, 2014
 1 - 4
Pirate O's 
11901 S 700 E in Draper, Utah
Deli open and all kinds of unique, vintage style treats 
available for  purchase

Thanks for all of the love and support you've shown VYSU this past year!

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