Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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We all need perspective at times in our life...especially during the holiday season...not everyone is joyful, singing Christmas carols and filled with love for their fellow man...sometimes it's hard not to just break down and have a good cry...life can be hard but we are strong...have you heard of the saying, "I felt sad because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet."?  I ran across a blog a few years back.  It was about a woman who blogged on and off about life...she had beautiful pictures and then one day it was all gone.  Completely and utterly gone.  There was a house fire.  They made it out alive, all were safe...but her home, her belongings, her clothes, her children's toys, everything they had and treasured was gone....I remember crying when I read this, sending messages of love and hope to her because I felt so sad about her loss...it gave me perspective, the perspective I needed to be more grateful for what I had.  It gave me hope to hear her gratitude for their lives being spared...she gave me hope and made me think about what I considered precious in my life. 
 I ran across her blog again today.  I'm happy to see that her home has been rebuilt but that she did not lose her perspective.  It shows in her posts.  I share her with you today and hope that you will gain a little perspective in this crazy life we all are a part of.  Remember what is important and live by that.  Every day practice kindness and service and little by little we will get through this together.  Thanks, - Christine - Just click below and enjoy.

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