Thursday, November 21, 2013

Feeling Grateful

I'm feeling very blessed recently with several opportunities to craft and create!  I'm telling you, it soothes my soul!  On Tuesday of this week I headed up South to "April James" located at 147 N Main Street in Spanish Fork...if you haven't met April then you have to stop by.  She is a very warm and beautiful lady who turns her stores into magic!  The decor & design are so unique.  She blends art with upcycled with vintage in such a way that you want to take everything home with you! There is a loft area upstairs set aside for crafting.  She teaches classes on how to paint and provides other opportunities to learn.  

Tuesday night was one of those nights.  An upcoming company you may have heard Shannon and I talk a lot about is Hazel & Ruby.  They make a very cool stencil mask and we got to play with it last night!

Below is the "skinny" set of letters, there are big letters, little letters and cool designs such as hearts, stars, chevron, birds, etc...

First, we took our frames and began to paint using chalk paint.  April James has a HUGE selection of paint!  We painted the frame and then painted the background that we were going to stencil on...there were so many amazing colors to choose from...

After you've painted your background you lay your stencils down and arrange until they are just right.
Next you do a secondary color, one that blends well with your background color and your frame color.  

I added a third color of red so the heart would stand out a little.  Here you can see me peeling off the heart shaped stencil revealing that gorgeous red!

Hazel & Ruby aka Leslie and Jayme go around the room and give tips & help you as you go along!

Here is the end result!  I love how it turned out!

Here is cute Shannon working on hers

Here are some of the background options you could choose to get different looks... 

Mandy's frame was gorgeous & glittery!  Just like her!

Kayla's red & blue theme turned out adorable!

Kelli quoted her husband!  LOVE

I can't wait to get started on so many projects I can imagine doing with these stencils!  
Thank you to April James for hosting us in her beautiful shop!  Thanks to the Reclaimologists & Other Craft Chicks for organizing and putting on this fun night!  And thank you to Hazel & Ruby for their time in teaching and for their amazing product! 

Thanks for letting me share!  

To find out more about April James, Reclaimologist & Other Craft Chicks & Hazel & Ruby, click on the links below

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