Sunday, December 29, 2013

Retreat Information

Retreat Information

Where?         Reclaim Yourself  Women’s Retreat in St. George, Utah!  Yep!                            That’s right!  St. George!  Away from the cold & snow in a truly                           spacious, fun home with amazing amenities! (capacity 20)

When is it?   January 31st – February 2nd, three days, two nights!!
When do I arrive?     Check in on January 31st is 11 am 
                                     Check out is Sunday, February 2nd by 11 am

How will I get there?        You will be responsible for getting yourself to the retreat, however, lots of ladies may want to carpool and the St. George              shuttle is also a good option. 
If you are flying in, we recommend flying into the St. George airport.  We will provide transportation to and from the St. George airport.

What will we do??     We will spend 3 days/2 nights in two beautiful cottage style condos located in St. George, Utah.  All meals will be prepared by our cook!  Yes!  That’s right!  No cooking!  No cleaning!  We will spend our days crafting, sewing, visiting and meeting new friends!  All of your craft supplies are included as well as meals and of course, some killer swag!  On our second day there we will spend an afternoon in St. George shopping, learning how to paint using chalk dust!  Lunch will be at a fun location!  Bring your swimming suit as there is a jacuzzi on the deck!  Adjacent to the condos is the Green Valley Resort & Spa which offers 4 pools, tennis and racket ball courts and an exercise room and a spa.

Below is what is still available with prices included:

Room (#2) Orange Condo (Available) $375 if two share, $475 for one person
The second bedroom has a queen bed and a 43’ flat screen TV, bathroom shared

Room (#3) Orange Condo (Available) $375 per person, 3 beds available
The third bedroom has Full over Full sized bunk beds, along with a twin trundle.  Bathroom shared

Room (#4) Yellow Condo (Available) $375 per person, 3 beds available
The third bedroom has Full over Full sized bunk beds, along with a twin trundle.  Bathroom shared

Room (#4) Orange Condo (Available) $375 per person, 3 beds available
The fourth bedroom has Full over Full sized bunk beds, along with a twin trundle. 
Bathroom shared  

Pictures available!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Photo by Edie of

We all need perspective at times in our life...especially during the holiday season...not everyone is joyful, singing Christmas carols and filled with love for their fellow man...sometimes it's hard not to just break down and have a good can be hard but we are strong...have you heard of the saying, "I felt sad because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet."?  I ran across a blog a few years back.  It was about a woman who blogged on and off about life...she had beautiful pictures and then one day it was all gone.  Completely and utterly gone.  There was a house fire.  They made it out alive, all were safe...but her home, her belongings, her clothes, her children's toys, everything they had and treasured was gone....I remember crying when I read this, sending messages of love and hope to her because I felt so sad about her gave me perspective, the perspective I needed to be more grateful for what I had.  It gave me hope to hear her gratitude for their lives being spared...she gave me hope and made me think about what I considered precious in my life. 
 I ran across her blog again today.  I'm happy to see that her home has been rebuilt but that she did not lose her perspective.  It shows in her posts.  I share her with you today and hope that you will gain a little perspective in this crazy life we all are a part of.  Remember what is important and live by that.  Every day practice kindness and service and little by little we will get through this together.  Thanks, - Christine - Just click below and enjoy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Feeling Grateful

I'm feeling very blessed recently with several opportunities to craft and create!  I'm telling you, it soothes my soul!  On Tuesday of this week I headed up South to "April James" located at 147 N Main Street in Spanish Fork...if you haven't met April then you have to stop by.  She is a very warm and beautiful lady who turns her stores into magic!  The decor & design are so unique.  She blends art with upcycled with vintage in such a way that you want to take everything home with you! There is a loft area upstairs set aside for crafting.  She teaches classes on how to paint and provides other opportunities to learn.  

Tuesday night was one of those nights.  An upcoming company you may have heard Shannon and I talk a lot about is Hazel & Ruby.  They make a very cool stencil mask and we got to play with it last night!

Below is the "skinny" set of letters, there are big letters, little letters and cool designs such as hearts, stars, chevron, birds, etc...

First, we took our frames and began to paint using chalk paint.  April James has a HUGE selection of paint!  We painted the frame and then painted the background that we were going to stencil on...there were so many amazing colors to choose from...

After you've painted your background you lay your stencils down and arrange until they are just right.
Next you do a secondary color, one that blends well with your background color and your frame color.  

I added a third color of red so the heart would stand out a little.  Here you can see me peeling off the heart shaped stencil revealing that gorgeous red!

Hazel & Ruby aka Leslie and Jayme go around the room and give tips & help you as you go along!

Here is the end result!  I love how it turned out!

Here is cute Shannon working on hers

Here are some of the background options you could choose to get different looks... 

Mandy's frame was gorgeous & glittery!  Just like her!

Kayla's red & blue theme turned out adorable!

Kelli quoted her husband!  LOVE

I can't wait to get started on so many projects I can imagine doing with these stencils!  
Thank you to April James for hosting us in her beautiful shop!  Thanks to the Reclaimologists & Other Craft Chicks for organizing and putting on this fun night!  And thank you to Hazel & Ruby for their time in teaching and for their amazing product! 

Thanks for letting me share!  

To find out more about April James, Reclaimologist & Other Craft Chicks & Hazel & Ruby, click on the links below

Monday, November 18, 2013

An Artsy Retreat

 Shannon and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend of crafting and meeting wonderful women!
We joined Marci Welcker of Fallow Field Farms for an Artsy Retreat!

The weather was rainy & cold, the perfect setting for crafting all day long!
Shannon decorated the mantel in this lodge style location using her beautiful vintage Christmas post cards.  The warmth of the fire kept us cozy  into the late night hours!  
Delicious food was served, amazing desserts were shared and prizes and gifts were given out all through the day!  I met the most amazing and talented women and watched the fun projects they crafted and wished I could have done every single project!   

 Some of the attendees are listed below...take note!  
These are very talented people...
join us in following them on Instagram, Blogs and on Facebook! 

Cake For 2 decorated the adorable corner display and gave us all kinds of ideas for inexpensive holiday decor! 

 Hint:  The "25" was purchased at the The Wood Connection
then spray painted and glittered for the season!

Dru Beecher of Polka Dot Poplars did the most fun "12 Days of Christmas" craft!  She has all kinds of goodies to add to your calendar to make it special!  $26 for the kit!

 Some of us just hung out and caught up and finished projects that have been on the back burner for so long!  Look at the amazing wreath Becky put together!  Gorgeous!  Kelli Hansen (on the left) made the most creative & original pillows for the gift exchange!  
You can find her etsy shop here My Little Jujus

Pickin N Peddlin was there making her "ugly" Christmas sweaters which were so cute!  Watch for them on KSL!  She sells them for all of the "Ugly Sweater" parties that take place in December!

Our projects!

Kindred spirits were found by all

To make things even better, if that was even possible, we then went shopping at...


I think I made three trips with ladies back and forth to this fun holiday market!  The vendors were amazing and the spirit of the season was in full swing...!

Shannon with her Dad & Son

As I reflect back there was not one thing I would choose as my "favorite" part of the day...every minute of it was amazing! 
 Make sure and follow Fallow Field Farms Blog for future events! 

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photo Competition!!

Show us your Autumn Splendor Photo Competition!

In an effort to keep the month of November alive and Christmas at bay...just for a little while longer...I'm holding a photo competition!!  Take a picture (it does not have to be professional!) of your Thanksgiving table decor, mantel design or front porch showing off your Autumn Splendor and be entered to win a prize!

Contest begins Monday, November 11th - Monday, November 18th 
(emails must be in by midnight to qualify)

We love to give out prizes and we have some good ones!!

1st Place Prize!!!
$250 Mini-Family Photo Session by Marie Sant of Bloom & Grow Photography
This includes a CD with 15 fully edited, high resolution images in color and B&W and a copyright print release.  
Marie Sant is an award winning photographer located in Utah County...her beautiful family photo sessions are truly one of a kind! 

2nd Place Prize
$50 Gift Certificate to "Just a Bed of Roses" 
Brenda Klumps shop is amazing and is so worth a country drive to
15 E State Street, in Farmington, UT
check out her blog at
Her shop opens on Friday, November 15th and will remain open until Christmas!
Adorable vintage finds, home decor and truly unique items can be found in her adorable shop!

3rd Place Prize
A beautiful fall table decoration...Cynthia Bee is amazing with any plant you put into her hand and one of her favorites is succulents...she creates amazing & beautiful displays straight out of nature!  She is one of the talented employees at Conservation Garden Park and hosts her blog at Home and Bloom and see how she does what she does!!!

And 4th place is two fall wood plaques that express my love of the fall season!
Why two you ask?  Why one for you and one to give to someone you are thankful for!

So come on!  Show us how YOU do turkey right!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I cannot tell you how excited we are about this Reclaim Yourself Women's Craft Retreat!!

What IS a Reclaim Yourself Women's Craft Retreat you ask?'s a luxurious long weekend adventure full of friendships, both old and new, lots of fun, crafting, eating meals (that you don't have to cook!), shopping, delicious treats, yummy beverages (non-alcoholic) and relaxing...relaxing....reclaiming.  Awwww...just what we women need!  

Shannon and I are personally inviting you to join us on this wonderful adventure!

Let me introduce ourselves...I am Christine Ishmael, the creator of the Vintage Yard Sale Utah group where you can buy & sell vintage, antique, retro & upcycled goodies!  Shannon Lavery is the creator of the Reclaimologists & Other Crafty Chicks and manages over 30 crafters who create amazing furniture, home decor and crafts.  Our two crazy worlds collided through our Facebook connections and we got to talking about what women need!  The idea came for this retreat and we can't stop talking, planning and sharing it with everyone!

We are VERY excited to get our blog up and running!  We love our new design and want to give Amybug's Attic a great big thank you for working iwth us to create it!  
Go here to Amybug's Attic

Our very first retreat, "Ruthie's Retreat", will be held from January 31, 2013 - February 2nd, 2014.  Browse through the blog for more information.  

We have a $75 down sign up promotion going on right now!  
An additional payment is due by November 29th and final payment due January 3, 2014.

We are also giving away ONE retreat to a lucky winner!! 
Go here on Facebook to be entered: